Smith Vending Corp. / Canteen
Our route trucks and service vehicles in front of our Clarinda Distribution facility
Our Service Fleet parked in front of the Clarinda Service/Transportation facility.  It is located across the street from the main office.
"The Whopper" is our refrigerator on wheels.  It is used to deliver our fresh food to Denison.
Parking Bay inside the warehouse where the drivers park the route trucks & load.
Larry performing the PreKitting.  This is done from the data collected in Streamware and then it reports what each machine will need the next day when it is serviced.  They are  pulling items for snack machines.
This I-pad is used with our Lightspeed system.  It works in conjunction with Streamware to help us pick items with precise accuracy and efficiency.  Where any changes need to be made are inputted at this level adds to the accuracy of our data.
Drivers pull their beverages using the Lightspeed system as well.
Everything has its place.  We use barcodes to manage our inventory, once again adding to our accuracy and efficiency.
Chocolate & Pastry items are kept in storage below 74 degrees.  We do everything we reasonably can to maintain the integrity of the items we sell so they reach the consumer fresh and tasty.
A vast amount of parts inventory is kept on hand to maintain our equipment.
Brian installing a guaranteed vend delivery system on a snack machine in the Service Department.
Equipment Warehouse
Ashilyn reviewing plan-o-grams in snack machines as we expand our "healthier items" in our health care locations.
We have a alarm system not only on the building, but we also monitor the temperatures to ensure that our products never reach unsafe levels.
Clarinda Beverage Inventory
A friendly smile accompanied with a warm greeting as Ashlie is at the front door when visitors enter Smith Vending.  Ashlie commonly answers the phone, does the ordering of inventory, and verifies the route sales each day.
Each snack machine is Pre-Kitted in a tote, sorted by machine & route, and stacked by the drivers truck to load up for next day delivery.
Scanning items...

Krista Prekitting at the Denison Warehouse
Denison Pop Warehouse
Denison Warehouse
Denison Truck Fleet
Denison Truck Warehouse