Smith Vending Corp. / Canteen
Our coffee service is a reasonable way to effortlessly keep the coffee on.  We supply the brewer at no cost to the client, we just require they buy all the coffee supplies from us.  With our low monthly purchasing requirements, it is very affordable and convenient. We offer a number of ways to have the coffee ordered & stocked.
Canteen became the distributor for LaRue Coffee in 2019.  We offer a vast variety of LaRue coffee in whole beans, ground, sizes, flavors, fresh brewed or Iced
We carry our Canteen Exclusive Highland Estates Coffee in loose ground and filter pack in various sizes and blends for the convenience of our customers.
Offering a Premium Coffee at an affordable rate.  White Bear Coffee is a Premium Roasted Coffee.  We offer it in 100% Columbian, Blend, and Decaf Filter Pack.
For the classic coffee drinkers, we also carry Folgers and are able to get numerous other brands.
Our friendly service is able to provide you with all the condiments too... tea, cocoa, creamer, sugar, various cups, paper goods, & silverware.