Smith Vending Corp. / Canteen
Coupon Vending

Smith Vending is proud to offer most of their customers the option to provide a cashless vending system to their employees
This system is great for employers to reward their employees for:

* Production Goals
* No lost time
* No absence
* Safety Goals
* Overtime
* Seasonal Projects

We merely have to have to program the MBD 24 volt Mars Bill Acceptors to take these paper coupons.  We sell the coupons to you, the client, at a reduced rate and then you reward employees when the time comes.  Then the employee, when they are ready for a beverage or a snack, merely insert the coupon in the machine and retrieve a free item.
Cashless & Credit/Debit Card Vending

We are now able to offer the ability to accept Credit & Debit Cards in our machines.  If the location is right for signal strength and traffic, the addition of a "Cashless Option" is available.  In some circumstances, we can also offer the ability to work with our clients to cashless options that include payroll deduction or a "In House" cashless system